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Muslim Explorer 7.0 by is the latest released version of this software for Windows. Muslim Explorer provides a comprehensive guide for Muslim scholars studying the Quran and the Hadith. It features four tabs giving us direct access to the complete verses of the Quran, Hadith, Lookup and History.
It is possible to select any verse from the directory window, which has a tree-like structure. The selected verse will open automatically in the Main screen on the right. The text appears in Arabic. From the Translations icon, it is possible to select to view the translation in any (or all) of the following languages: Mushaf Text of The Quran (Real), Yusuf Ali English Translation, Pikthall English Translation, Muhsin and Hilali English Translation, Terjemahan Malaysian, Spanish, French, Italian, Tafsir Jalalain, Tafsir Ibnu Kathir, Tafsir Tabari and Tafsir Qurtubi. It is possible to save and view our favorite verses, hadith, search history, etc. There is a searching option for The Quran texts, single book, or multi-book. This program is now delivered on a shareware basis and a trial version is available for downloading from the developer’s website. In order to use it, we must register and confirm our e-mail address so we can receive the activation key free of charge. It runs under Microsoft Windows XP operating system.


  • Free for everyone worldwide.
  • Multi-language translation.
  • Handy tool for Muslim scholars.


  • None.

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